Recruit as a team

Wednesday personalizes and scales your recruiting pitch, saving hiring managers and recruiters time, while providing candidates with the visibility and context they crave.


Pitch directly

Guided video interviews of your team to build an authentic pitch narrative

Give candidates the visibility they crave

Candidates can directly meet their manager, peers, and company leadership.

Search Intelligence

Learn what is resonating based on candidate engagement with your content.

An add-on for any search


Launch in 4 days.

We source, pitch, and qualify candidates, regardless of their role.
  • 1
    We interview your managers and team
  • 2
    We build a dedicated Role Preview
  • 3
    We source, pitch, and refer top candidates

Qualified and interested candidates.

And data driven insights from your search.
  • 1
    You get interviews with qualified and interested candidates
  • 2
    You get feedback from candidates that are not interested
  • 3
    You get pitch analytics and search metrics

No placement fees. Ever.

Pay for retention, not placement.

Also, pay less than half of what a recruiter cost.

1% per month
Retention Fee
12 months
Retention Fee Period
Maximum Total Fee
$3k one-time fee to build a Role Preview. Unlimited hires per Role Preview.

Grow with Wednesday

The future of recruiting is direct.

Wednesday gives teams and managers a direct line to their talent market.